Thursday, 22 November 2012

Rejuvenation360 Prelaunch Is Live...

Rejuvenation360 Prelaunch Is Live...

Rejuvenation360 has gone into full prelaunch mode opening it’s doors to welcome networkers worldwide who are looking for a company with a difference.  With the official Launch slated for January 2013 this is definitely going to be the company that networkers all over the world will be happy to call home.
Sign up or take a free informative tour of Rejuvenation 360 here…   
Boasting an impressive line up of revolutionary products and a truly extraordinary compensation plan for it’s members it is expected that Rejuvenation 360 will very quickly become the buzzword in this industry.

For all who are bitten by the networking bug this is the best time to join the ranks of Reju360’s IBO’s as the very first 200 spots in the company are currently available for the taking.  It’s a much better idea to get into the company’s ranks of successful distributors right now in the very early stages than to wait until months into the future when the name of the company is on every tongue as at that time the prime first positions will have been filled.
To do the right thing and sign up for Rejuvenation 360 now, or simply to learn more about all facets of this innovative opportunity please visit this website and take the tour.    

Some Rejuvenation360 goals

Here are a few of the goals of this company.

Provide a means to help people achieve unprecedented levels of health rejuvenation, financial success and personal freedom in the shortest possible time, and empower them to help others replicate the same by following a duplicable business system.
Provide breakthrough products that helps our customers to improve their health and which people will want to buy even if no one is getting compensated for it.
Provide excellent cutting edge marketing tools for our distributors to aggressively stake their claims in the marketplace.
Rejuvenation360 will remain commited to old school business ethics, propelled by cutting edge modern marketing tools.

8 Awesome Ways To Get Paid

Here we will just mention very briefly the ways you will get paid from this company.  These profit centers will be covered in much greater detail in other posts on this website.

Double Bottle Purchase Bonus.  Get double your purchase for the impossible sum of only $10 per additional bottle

Reju Retail Profits.  Make 100% profit on EVERY bottle…

Reju Pocket Booster.  Get $5 for the first person upgrading after you regardless of sponsor
Get $5 for the second person upgrading after you, also regardless of sponsor.

Reju Fast Start Bonus.  Get a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $144 from the initial purchase of 2 bottles by a new distributor.  Plus 4 generations of uplines will also earn $4 commission from this transaction.

Reju Matrix Residual Income.  You get 5% of monthly C.V.  You earn this on every distributor in your matrix from the 1st level all the way down to the 8th level.

Reju Matrix Matching Bonus.  You earn this commission based on the commissions that everyone in your enroller tree earns monthly.

Reju Rank Achievement Bonus.  You earn The Cash + The Car + The Vacation

Reju Leadership Training & Mentorship Bonus.  This is 5% of Total Company CV distributed among all ranks who are Managers and above.

This is a very good compensation plan.  I especially love the Fast Start Bonus and the Rank Achievement Bonus.   Rejuvenation360 also has some really great products in it’s line up to complement this compensation plan and you will be introduced to these on the Product Page.   

Get On Board With Reju360   
View the Rejuvenation360Team Press Release
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Monday, 12 November 2012

Reju360 compensation plan – See what the Rejuvenation360 compensation plan has in store

So what does the Reju360 Compensation Plan actually have in store?

Reju360 Compensation Plan

Summary of 8 different ways to make money with the Reju360 Compensation Plan!!

1) Double-Bottle Purchase Bonus

(1+1; 2+2; 3+3; 4+4;)
You Get an equal number of extra bottles for each combination pack purchased for only $10 per extra bottle.
(Examples: Buy 1 Bottle for $60, Get 1 Extra Bottle for only $10 = ONLY $70 FOR TWO BOTTLES!; OR Buy 2 Bottles for $120 and Get 2 Extra Bottles for only $20 more; OR Buy 3 bottles for $180 and get 3 Extra Bottles for only $30 more, etc).
You can pick from any combination of Products from the Reju Line.

2) Reju Retail Profits

(Make 100% Profit per bottle! )
Buy products at $60 per bottle with ony $10 for the extra bottle. With the Double-Bottle Purchase Bonus, your average cost per bottle is only $35. You Sell at $70 recommended retail and make for a profit of $35 for each sale. Thats 100% profit per bottle!
Like the plan so far?  Well go ahead and Sign Up Here

3) Reju Pocket Booster!

$5 for the first person upgrading after you regardless of sponsor
$5 for the second person upgrading after you regardless 
(this is a one-time bonus paid to new distributors whether they have any personal sponsors or not)

4) Reju Fast Start Bonus

( Based on 1st purchase by a new distributor, paid to the enroller and 4 generations of Upline Sponsors)
Enroller makes a minumum of $50 ( and up to $144) on a new distributors Initial purchase of 2 bottles.
Also, 4 generations of Uplines get $4 of each order as an additional commission. 
( Note: First time distributor purchases do not go into the matrix bonus )  Is this Reju360 compensation plan a great plan or what?

5) Reju Matrix Residual Income

This is paid on every distributor that falls inside your matrix from the 1st level all the way to the 8th level, whether they are sponsored by you directly, people you have sponsored, people those people have sponsored or spillovers from your upline. You get paid 5% of personal monthly C.V for everyone that falls into your matrix regardless of who enrolled them!

6) Reju Matrix Matching Bonus

The matrix matching bonus rewards those who are building organizations of distributors.
Apart from the awesome compensations you get in our Reju360 Compensation Plan, you also earn separate commissions based on the commissions that everyone in your enroller tree earns each and every month.

7) Reju360 Compensation Plan Rank Achievement Bonus

( You get the Cash + The Car + The Vacation!! )
( Rank Achievement Bonuses become payable after two consecutive months following the month of achieving Rank )
Notes on Car Allowances: 

Platinum Director 

($250 Monthly Car Allowance. Must Maintain minimum rank of manager each month to get a car bonus ) 

Diamond Director: BMW 3 Series

( $500 Monthly Car Allowance. Must Maintain Minimum Platinum Director rank to get Car Allowance) 
Double Diamond Director:
Mercedes E-Class
( $650 Montly Car Allowance. Must Maintain minimum rank of Diamond Director to get car allowance)

Triple Diamond Director: Jaquar Car
($1000 monthly car allowance. Must maintain a minimum rank of Double diamond to get car allowance)

8) Reju Leadershop Training & Mentoring Bonus

5% of Total Company CV distributed between all Ranks from manager and above.
I’m sure you’ll have to agree that the Reju360 Compensation Plan is great. 
So don't hesitate!  Sign Up Today!

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rejuvenation 360 Prelaunch...

Folks there is a new star on the horizon in the wellness industry right now.  Rejuvenation 360  is about to go into prelaunch this month (November 2012) with it's Reju 360 Wellness Platform.  Judging from what i am seeing on the inside this company is set to revolutionize the industry.

Rejuvenation 360

Reju 360 boasts a cutting edge lineup of high quality products that consumers are going to really love and coupled with that is the remarkable Rejuvenation 360 compensation plan which i believe is going to quickly reward members with six figure incomes for their hard work with the company

We've already got some real movers and shakers of internet marketing that have seen the vision of how successful this company is going to be and have joined the movement.  This is going to shake the industry folks and Rejuvenation 360 is the place for networkers who want to be among the 2% who enjoy phenomenal success in the industry.

However you may have gotten to this page, you are now at the right place ... at the right time.  Therefore let me extend an invitation to you to join our winning team today ... Right this minute.

The opportunity to be one of the first to join a successful company doesn't come along every day folks and i guarantee that this opportunity to be in the first few will not be here much longer.  Yes you "may" still be able to join us at a later time, but definitely not at the high position in the Rejuvenation 360 company matrix that you will be getting right now.  So do it today.  Do it this minute...